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To extract the maximum enjoyment from any given dive, expert knowledge of the site is critical. This knowledge is not something that is acquired quickly, rather over time and multiple exposures to the varying conditions which may present themselves in unexpected situations. If we are to consider safety it is clear that great knowledge of a site fortifies our understanding and ability to prepare for and deal with any event or situation that may present itself. For years I have dedicated all my time and efforts to my passion of exploration and understanding of these cherished natural wonders
-Cave Diving
-Cavern Diving
-Deep Ocean Diving
-Recreational Caribbean Reef Diving

The Yucatan peninsula is home to a great number of water filled caves produced by what may be termed a privileged geological process. Thousands of cenotes hide within their labyrinth of endless passages an undescribable beauty and enchantment. Enjoy being guided within these sacred sites taking advantage of the wealth of insight and knowledge gained from an experienced guide. CERTIFIED CAVE DIVERS ONLY.

Some of the cenotes we can explore:

Sak Aktun (Grand Cenote)
Chac Mool
Edén (Ponderosa)
Aktun Ha (Carwash)
Mayan Blue
Temple of Doom
Vaca Ha
Dos Ojos
Cenote Escondido
Aktun Koh
Cenote of the Sun
Chikin Ha
Nohoch Nachich
Balneario Azul
and many, many more

The ecosystems of the CENOTES are not exclusively available only to divers with specialized training in caves. The possibility to dive in the entrances of these subterranean worlds has become very popular in recent years for the recreational or open water diver. Accompanied by a specially trained guied you can dive in the natural sunlight bathed zone of the cenote. All the cenotes are different, but you can be sure of seeing an impressive light show, crystal clear water and some caverns impossibly intricate speleothem formations or even the incredible effect of the halocline.

1. Pre-dive briefing covering the following:
General and historical information on cenotes and their formation over time and critical role in our aquifer, accident analysis (history of diving in caves and caverns), dive procedures (body position, comunication, gear modification, limits, philosophy, etc.)
2. In-water, pre dive:
Bubble check, buoyancy check, diveplan review, gas management.
3. One or two dives to depths of 5 to 17m/15 to 60ft, with a surface interval of 60 minutes.

Maximum 4 divers per guide
Always within direct view of natural sunlight
Rule of thirds
No restrictions
No deco
Always a continuous guideline to the surface
Maximum depth 30 m/100ft.
Limited penetration
Minimum starting visibility 10 m/30ft.
Minimum starting gas volume of 50 cubic feet.

Dives to all levels using air, nitrox and trimix.
If the caves weren't enough, the area is blessed with the multitude of adventures of the Caribbean Sea. With coral walls that start in shallow waters and drop to depths beyond 200m/600ft, you'll find substantial populations of turtles, sharks, mantas and large pelagics. All dives will be conducted with strict adherance to the maximum certification level of the diver. Oxygen is always onboard, with small group sizes. TRIMIX dives conducted with maximum 2 divers per guide.

Bathed in the warm Caribbean, the Riviera Maya is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. A vast coral reef (part of the second longest in the world) runs along the coast, tempting the recreational diver with easily accessed beautiful sites from shallow patch reefs to deeper walls. Magnificent corals and sponges, an abundance of reef critters, large fish like schooling tarpon and jacks, lots of turtles, sharks and rays can be found in many distinct and well known sites. We only work with small groups, of course, with a personal touch. Private service, multilevel dives, night dives, drift dives... the options abound. All recreational PADI courses available. Oxygen is always onboard. My experience with more than 1000 dives on these local reefs guarantees a pleasant and secure experience.

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