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Cave and Technical Diving

Mexico is becoming a very popular diving destination on a worldwide level, thanks to its great variety of dive locations and the general ambient of the surroundings. The zone of the Riviera Maya, situated in the state of Quintana Roo, offers a great selection of diving locations suitable for all levels of experience. From shallow reefs, rich in marine life and colors, suitable for even novice divers, to underwater caves and passages that are deep and suitable for divers with a higher level of training in technical diving, the area offers great variety and much to be explored. The calm Caribbean and the year-round favorable climate are the perfect backdrop to immersing oneself in an ever-expanding underwater world of exploration.
The famous cenotes, already having been vitally important to the life of the ancient Maya as a water source and spiritual connection to the underworld, today are the most desired water-filled cave systems known to divers the world over, who come to the region to participate in incredible and unforgettable dives in the best conditions encountered anywhere in the world. Kilometers and kilometers of cave systems, with much to still be explored, amazingly crystaline visibility, impossibly delicate geological formations (speleothems), easy access and very moderate and easily managed currents are some of the reasons why this area has become the favored destination of today's cave diver.

In the last couple of years, the area of the Riviera Maya has developed a great acceptance of the technical diving community. The technical divers, whether they are into deep diving or cave diving, are at the same time, motivated to seek, out of curiosity and calling, the vast amount of information available. These divers require training in order to dive in a safe way beyond the limits of recreational diving. Tekblau was formed and based on this idea., It's a philosophy of training that is secure, strict, developed and effective. It is possible to enjoy a technical diving course, in a professional and private manner. And all of this in the marvelous surroundings of the peninsula of the Yucatan... whether it is exploring its coral walls, reefs, cenotes, caves or caverns.

Tekblau also offers, to those trained and certified by acknowledged international agencies, the service of guided tours. This professional and personal service is provided by highly qualified guides, with extensive knowledge of the local diving environment. We offer guiding services to divers from all levels: open water, cave divers, and technical divers. The option to make guided dives increases security and enhances the quality of every dive. All guiding services are offered in English, Spanish, and Catalan.


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